Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Way back in the day... C, Jeff, and I decided it might be a good idea to build a deck

This all happened sometime in July of 2009 according to the age of the picture files on my computer. Why did I wait 5 years to post this? I don't know.

Perhaps saying "rebuild the deck" is more accurate. There already was a deck, but it only fit about 6 people. This project was Jeff and C's idea, they just wanted to bring me in for my seemingly extensive experience with DIY projects and for me to help design it and make it safe. At least safe according to the Black and Decker: How to Build a Deck book that C already owned for some unknowable and likely preposterous reason.
This teeny tiny wobbly deck had to go!
First step of this project was demolition! No wait... first step was design a new deck, formulate a budget for the project, and propose this project to the SCA board for funding and Summer work-trade. So, we did that. Point of history, the height of the deck was chosen to avoid having to get any permits from the city. That is why, in the end result, we had to leave a small step off the covered door entry onto the main deck. Blame Mary for that.

Now Demolition!
The site is ready for a new deck! Look, we even installed safety rails on the landing.
After clearing the site, we were ready to build. I'll let the pictures tell the story. FYI, for much of the time that I was working (and for a lot of that summer actually) I was listening to Zydeco thanks to the influence of Peter Cavagnaro. It is just great porch music! Try it.
Jeff and C installing a main post in the concrete footer.

After we got the footers and posts in, we installed our main supports.

Next, we started framing everything else in. I particularly like that we got to build around the Persimmon Tree.

Framing for the triangular section was particularly hard/annoying.
Instead of regular steps, we imagined the deck acting as theater seating. We used to show movies in the back yard projected on a sheet. We thought these big steps would be great seats. I wonder if they still do that at the JS. Notice the different colors of the wood? We tried to incorporate as much of the old deck wood into the new deck as was possible. 2x6's and 4x4's were turned into the deck step and the seating that is on the edge of the fences.

Bam! Finished deck. The wood floor and this deck are my best additions to the JS I think. As long as it hasn't fallen over yet and hurt someone that is. If so... I had nothing to do with this deck.

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