Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ashley wanted to make a bed loft, so I helped.

This one is simple. Some of the rooms at the JS are pretty small. An easy way to give you more space is to make a loft for your bed. Ashley was a pretty short lady, so this was gonna work perfect for her. I believe she lived in the room next to the double room upstairs in the JS, in case anyone currently living there wants to know.

Basically all we had to do was figure out how high she wanted the bed off the ground (or rather how close to the ceiling she wanted to be). Make the measurements, find the wall studs, and then overbuild it. By overbuild I mean use way too much hardware and wood just so you make sure this shit never falls down with someone in it.

Add some legs and hope it stays stable.

It actually didn't feel all that stable, so when we built the steps we attached them to the leg if I remember correctly. But shit, we built this in 2008 according to the pics, sooooo.....

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