Thursday, June 13, 2013

The time stamp on these pics says this event happened in March of 2008, 5 years ago, and is also mentioned at the end of a different post I see. Doesn't seem like that long ago. But shit, I have a lot of catching up to do. And Work still isn't that awesome. So lets play catch up.

Pretend like you care.

When I first built the garden at the JS in Summer? of 2007, it coincided with taking down a crappy rotten garden shed. It also coincided with me doing all the work of transporting wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow or rock and dirt from a truck to the yard. Why was it so hard to get people to help out? If I remember right, the doors were hanging off the hinges, still barely attached to the main structure. Instead of just ripping it apart, like I probably should have done, I decided to neatly disassemble the shed in order to try and re-use all the parts. I have no idea how many times I made this mistake. There is only so much recycling one can do before the finished project can't be considered "up-cycled", just reused shit. Well, this might have been the first lesson. Because probably less than a year since building it, the wood was falling apart, it looked terrible, and everyone wanted something much prettier. I needed to rebuild it.

Chapman helped me for this project. The first of a couple collaborations. Finally, someone who liked working.

Easy. Dig some post holes. Plant some 4x4.

Staple some plastic to some 2x8x10. 

Attach  boards to 4x4. Done. Somehow the dirt even stayed in place when we removed the old crappy wood walls.

Bonus points for not wearing shirts in Eugene in the early spring. Also, bonus points for drinking PBR in the land of amazing IPA. PBR was, and still is, my preferred working beer. I should write a whole 'nother post about PBR and Power-tools  Shit. I should rename my blog that. 

PBR and Power-tools.... fuck yeah. That would be a good burning man theme camp name too. Although, it may come across differently at the burn.

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